" They aren't obedient", are they?

The phrase heard well recently.
I'm laughing and am asking, but I run and have a pain wonderfully actually.
Even if it isn't called, it's being separated.

When the year is repeated, I remember that feeling is hidden.
I remember that I lie.
You're somewhat sad, right?

I didn't come to like a weekend.
You disappear.
Do you go anywhere?
What can't it be said without going?
Do you know?
They're tricky, aren't they?

Today, I'm one.
A headphone is hit against an ear.

The music which flows from the headphone moves to the tears by which lyrics are weak I.

In the same way, she in the headphone sheds tears, too.


It can't be also today obediently, and the end is met.
Tomorrow will come again while thinking of the same thing.

It's repeated.

There was fun time, thing.
There is regrettable time, and it's proper.

Please tell me so.

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